seafight ? probably dead but i still wanna play

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seafight ? probably dead but i still wanna play

Post by killer_machines on Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:54 pm

okay so ..  lets start here my name was dj-pon3 i dont know if star is still playing in the doom alliance in SK or something but btw i have played a lot in seafight and now i have loosed my account like 6 month from now .... now the nostalgia is commin in my brain and i want an account (good plz ) and if someone wann a sell me his account or something ill be opern to offers reasonable :Pyou can still make money on something that will die soon and probably never grow up again lel xd that wallet game btw if someone is interested in that you can post answer right here THANKS :PHAVE A NICE DAY Very Happy


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